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The antiquing method we use on the Sterling Silver is liver of sulfur. Sterling Silver is not always a homogenous mix. The liver of sulfur reacts with the seven and a half percent of copper in Sterling and causes the copper to oxidize. Because it is not homogenous the antiquing is not always even. This is not a defect but one of the unique qualities of Sterling. In time it will even out.

We try to give you the best possible product for the money. Each copyrighted piece is hand cast and finished by  hand. Sterling silver is a unique metal and each piece has it's own unique character. No two rings are exactly alike.  The sterling silver used in this ring is a blend of silver that has had a de-oxidizing agent added to it to retard oxidation (tarnish) and as a result the antiqued parts of the ring will initially look gray, it will in time gain it's darker blackish finish and patina. It is not a paint but an applied oxidation agent that accelerates the oxidation that would normally take place over time, giving the ring it's own character.

Stock products may be returned for refund, exchange, or replacement, shipping charges are not refundable. Custom made items are non-returnable except in rare cases where the custom item is of a common size that will likely resell quickly. Custom items may be resized occasionally, depending on the item and the direction of sizing. If you are concerned that the item you are ordering is not going to be the right size, please email me ahead of time with any possible concerns. Custom sizes are available for many of our stock items, tell us what you need, we will tell you if we have it or can make an adjustment for you at a small additional charge.


Shipping Methods

We will ship almost anywhere in the world. The prices listed at the following link are intended for shipments within the continental U.S. 
Shipping prices for all other areas of the world will have to be calculated after I receive your order and shipping address. You are responsible for import fees, tariffs, and taxes Current Methods Include:

  • US Mail
  • US Mail (priority)
  • Federal Express

Prices can be found at Shipping.htm

Cancellation Policy

Stock products may be canceled anytime before they ship. 
Orders for Custom made items may sometimes be canceled depending on the piece, the circumstances, and how much of the job has been completed. If we agree to cancel your order, you can expect to be charged a Cancellation fee based on the individual job. Cancellation fees can range anywhere from 10% to 75% of the order total.